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Rann Bar-On


Rann Bar-On specializes in early undergraduate mathematics education. For the past decade, he has taught and supervised Math 105L and 106L, entry-level calculus courses at Duke. He has edited the lab manual for these courses, introducing technological and pedagogical innovations adapted to each year's students. He has served as a college (pre-major) advisor to dozens of undergraduate students and as major advisor to a few. In 2017, he won Advisor of the Year, as chosen by the Academic Advising Center based on comments from his advisees.

Lecturer of Mathematics
Mailing Address: 

013 Physics, Durham, NC 27708

Why I volunteer to mentor students: 

I have advised numerous students through their pre-major career at Duke, and am especially interested in first generation, disadvantaged minority, and working class students who face numerous barriers in higher education. I won Duke's Excellence in Advising Award in 2017/8.